November 23, 2009

Although the weather is fairly mild for how late it is in the season, the temperature is changing quickly. I can feel it in the air. As more of November passes, i become more stale than ever. My complete lack of ambition is startling and disgusting, and i wonder why i even bother to liberate these thoughts.

I am very sore. My heart aches from the lack of compassion. I only have myself to blame, for i have created several deterrents for the common encounter. I suffer to find something extraordinary; it is this i hope to find here, that in which i strive for the city to show me. Where and when is unpredictable, but until then great care must be taken of my self, because i am all i can have.

Here are some snips i have had laying around, quite literally, on a piece of cardboard. It has been laying around since September or so.


Please try to preserve the sleepless innocence,
It shows the most trying of souls through shiftless inter-changables.
I beg for mercy from these woes,
For there are few others i can relate to these days!

As my body transforms,
And my body warps,
For once in my life
I anticipate the bitter cold!

And i’d rather not hear you speak such banter any longer,
For it is far too much to bare,
Especially in such times
Where both shoulder blades and ribs
Cave in on an aching pity of tirelessness–
Bloodshot eyes and arthritis
Aching from the forearms down.

Academia has yet to begin.
I wring my skin of an aching burn.
The body is weary and demands rest as i can expect it.
Coincidentally, demand is on the rise–
Or could it just be another ideology,
One that explains the universe to the mind?
Depriving the body teaches one how to survive…


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