March 14, 2009

Fabrications are wearing thin now that the snow trembles under such exalting warmth. There is a sense of life awaiting in spring. it is so near that i can taste it in the air. And with certain kin to accompany these tired hands, a transformation will erupt; good fortune must prevail.

There are monologues of the unseen written in between these lines; there has been an immense amount of mental activity swirling the confines of my life, yet i find no way to emit them to paper with ink. But the lack of ambition fades with the cold, as with the need of covering with so many layers. Now the skin can breathe.

Scheme you seemingly heartless body,
Hardly a person-
Hardship prevailing
And ruining perseverance.
Tie your tongue,
Now is the time to analyze
And sift your burgeoning
Mental weight to decide.
What is really important?


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