January 27, 2009

Post-script and dragon breath,
Revealing monotonous.
Treacherous awake.
Cowboy coffee and
Cigarettes. To start,
Begin the day at once.
But then,
The fresh scent of early spring,
It leaks upon this palette
Although the month marked march
Has yet to arrive.
Deceiving divine,
Vices were an option
The devices of today,
Tomorrow, or during
Last week’s sorrows.
Become the bliss, Routine
To spontaneous rounds
Despite what some may–
Speak of, now is the moment–
Voice it or never be heard.
Before this day’s head trauma,
In a green death’s stupor.
Revitalize timeless,
Re-situate Revival.


2 Responses to “”

  1. Tyler Says:

    Is there a method to the madness which is the arrangement of your line breaks?

    Fav line: “Although the month marked March”

    • jovianchiron Says:

      indeed, there is always a method to everything i do in my writing. the paragraph breaks usually mark minor or significant changes in subject or rhythm. line breaks stress the imagery or importance of some words while leaving others more in the background, without changing the rhythm.

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