Contemplation of Sincerity-Certainty

January 8, 2009

The following entries are the five sections of a manuscript i put together last summer, and have been working on here and there throughout the fall and early winter. this is the second draft, and there are plans for at least one more revision. This next revision will come out of criticism from my peers. This is why i am posting this work of mine here.

I am not posting this as some holy masterpiece. this is a very personal piece of work marking a detrimental part of my life.

There are various themes and subjects, which i will leave the reader to dissolve. this piece is divided simply; there are five sections, and individual pieces within the sections (bold). but within the individual pieces, there may be several breaks signifying some importance(the reasons vary).

I ask that all criticism be very precise, constructive, and critical. All comments not meeting these criteria will not be approved. Comments may be made by individual sections, but overall critiques are encouraged under this post.

The sections go as such:

Contemplation of Sincerity-Certainty: A Memoir of Prose and Poetry
By Billly Fomenter.

Part I: Demon, Destroyer of Bonds
Part II: Desolation
Part III: Treachery
Part IV: Renascence
Part V: Absolution; Sense of Sincerity-Certainty

**note: all italics have been removed via the copy/paste process. I lack the ambition to go back and italicize everything.
***note: if you’d like a printed copy to critique, just contact me; facebook, email, and the phone are all adequate means.


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