January 2, 2009

Strange, to write such dates, to consider my change in placement in the past year. But, there are more important matters at hand!


I have returned to a place to call home, although upon my last visit, a real sense of home developed, there is no place quite like this isthmus.

A cool breeze of Wisconsin’s frigid winters guides me to only familiar places, some faces. The black vice soars through my veins, and i am temped to burst from such a pace of heart. Yet, there is no stopping.

I ride the buzz of bees and of birds perched to view a small window of human life in and out doors. I still await the awakening…


Still. So very still, as a statue with such great literature laid down before, many times. Many locations. Few mindsets. I, who has seen so much, knows little of what is devised from the mind’s of others.

And the scudding chords from memory suffer. An impenetrable smile, the hidden dreams in your eyes, curves and thighs; trembling still as a child. Trembling. Rambling. Remembering.

Resembling a horde of ants in frenzy, their nest squashed with no notice from the passerby. That is, until the predator arrives.

These visits of a future home are always held by contrasting extremes; the perspiring blaze of summer of the frigid escape from winter. And, there is always melancholy to consider. I will not get into that here.


3 Responses to “”

  1. Kaylala Says:

    You don’t have comments set up on any post but this one (as far as I can tell) but I wanted to let you know that I loved your entry for December 13. Great stuff.

  2. Kaylala Says:

    correction, December 19th.

  3. jovianchiron Says:

    The layout only showed comments for one specific post, so if people wanted to comment on any of them except the most recent, they’d have to go through the archives. I have changed the layout so this will no longer be a problem.

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