November 12, 2008

How shall i cast away
Such perilous lust?
Invigorating sensations,
The touch–
Rushing robust reigning in
Tranquil sky and earth.

How can one banish such bane cree?
Necessary dooms as pleasure,
That never retreats to the bowels of discreet.
And i quiver.
There are few qualms with such sinful needs.

Rest never assured from frigid peaks of cliff–
Except through the pale flotsam
Licking the beach and reefs,
Below cavernous regret swallowed by sea.

Flourishing life
And the floundering womb
Of misdeeds.
Never to leave,
But to remain untouched?
Become this maddening fervor
In a volley of distrust.

Ache away the solemn promises,
Unkept in any and all waves
Pattering against all that is left.
To rot with dismay of fate,
As the survivors of epic poems must relate.

Lust impales,
A warrior disguised as more
Heartfelt than perceived.
Rush to not receive,
For the shy sullen pacifism
Reeks of reprive.
And this genius is wary of sly,
Whom will never commit
For the burden to bare
Becomes too much for most
To fare.


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