October 31, 2008

I started writing this a couple of weeks ago, but did not return to it until now.

A nectar is required to revitilize,
This life,
A time of unrest-
A test? What a jest!
Fake my way through the wake,
Waking digestive fluids
But leaking.
Walk them away,
To seek something besides
The cavernous grief below heart.

A flower holds heated dreams,
Night vision showing of future scenes in sleep.
And although i fall into this lull,
Every now and again00
I seek a stem to support eggs–
Incubation must prevail!
A warmth will come to soften
This thickening shell.
A masterpiece shall emerge.


and a rewrite from September 15, 2008. First draft written in Steven’s Point, Wisconsin.

Translucent Absolution!
Repulsive display:
Uncanny to the untrained eye, Quite deceptive to a folly mind.

It reeks of disorder,
Lavender scented absolute–

Reissue vague remembrances,
An assassin of time,
But rarely passion.

Illusive images,
Now become so very vivid
To the source of senses–
It becomes of reprive!
To the cautious eye.



The echo fades,
Faintly audible to any rival being:
Yet the tone lingers on–
For me, Transcending time.
I could match that pitch again!


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