October 29, 2008

Troubled panic,
Surmise restless deeds
Around the manic’s neck–
Fretless, regretless;
Glide into notes foreseen.
Musical relief has yet
To be received.
Become the turmoil, now,
Describe this hell hole.

Vast dwells on sunken shores-
Rash swells forevermore,
And circumstance
Shall be applied on tours
To strange locations–
And even more bizarre
Simply for the sake
Of living through the night.

A blinking haze,
Scenes change for days
Through a manner of
Vague discreet-
Irreversible deeds slip past unseen-
But rancid leaks to taste.
At the side–
It is a hospital bed.
Medical chains–

Tantric tantrums.
Seems obtrusive.
And vision?

The world is unseen,
But does the body sure feel it!
Fantasy phantoms gone bad,
For real,
The fantastic surreal becomes
Reality’s reel,
Spinning a fragile twine
Of hallucination.
Feel the illumination that is life
In mercy.


The leaves decay, yet memories stay swirling in this autumn’s breeze. The days remain warm, but there lacks rest in these frigid nights of contemplation. Late nights and early mornings would surely blur if it were not for an early sun as the clocks are set back one hour–The surest of signs that winter is coming. Approaching is Orion’s noon and Scorpio’s hell–Were my moon not so attached to the scorpion, I’d have no need to worry. But worry on, i do.

My time may be locked as several nation’s land, but my decisions now are free to roam. Walking has little effect when my sneakers are unable to sneak–I may slip them off and depend on trousers to keep my balance as i approach the rear of time itself! Then, your moccasins and scarf are probably more effective for a task such as this.

Mediocre are my abilities, but this potential is limitless! Come spring, I will reveal all i have been withholding, and until then, if i dare, i will muster all that i can! incubation over winter refuses to be fruitless.

But then again, eggs do not hang from trees.


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