October 22, 2008

Although youth usually constitutes a lake of experience, I can only smile while the facts of life are being broken down. NO. You have no idea…

Watch me unfold my wings.
You see potential.
Now allow me to soar into the billows enfolding
The skies above–
A gloom is not enough to stop
Or even slow the likes of me.


The leaves turn as my life churns–A sea of warm colors blankets the Earth, yet post-traumatic promises drastic change. What envelopes here is persistent evolution at a crucial stage. Development critical on ego and body to soul, it all morphs as needed to maintain a balance of such old. It originates in the blasphemy of beloved sin!

Transversely set, Orion perches high up to look down upon such decay, baking under the heat of sun. Frost bites thin under the frigid light of moon. And just to spite decay, i yank out the best in others, but yet, the worst can slip through. The worst is what idle hands loath. But it is this idle we mush show to cast the stakes to improve! The mind and body only learn when tested. And through this, mothers teach the untended unintentionally.


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