October 18, 2008

A tantrum spiraling out of control,
A water sprout raging from chain-to chain;
It fuels a billowing dark overhead,
And the energy from crackling electricity remains unseen.
But unheard? Not,
The sulfur is tasted
With each eye sore of looking up into pattering hail or aqua.
Augmenting olfactory becomes an overload–
Spires sway as the spiral approaches.

This time remains as the stubble on my chin,
Drenched still i trudge on–
What else is there to do?
Serenity will eventually enchant means.
A place of rest remains not at my side,
But there must be a place somewhere here!
Two fronts will swirl together and nourish a begotten land.

Some may chain lakes, but cannot change the weather from unleashing a forgotten passion.


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