October 13, 2008

Cogs turn deep within, and they heartily beckon for those concepts in a such a life as this; explain every thread of existence and how it is relative to the rest. Searching for a greater purpose is irrelevant, for there may be no grand scheme–In the very least, individuals decide for themselves. The much more profound sense of life is that which connects, quite literally, everything.

Indifference, a battle fought each and every day against apathy; the stale-bringer of my current life. It is so easy to fall into nothingness, and becomes every more trying to reverse the effects the longer it becomes prevalent.


Your eyes tell of inner beauty, As your lips promise subtle sweet kisses. A lush smile you have there, and I know it hides behind preoccupied thought–Just as mine often does. Your body transmits endurance, a sort of mobility lacked by many. Would you float an image of your name, so that i may soak it up? A sponge i may become, but i could not absorb and control your being. My porous soul is only to take-in and to transmit the world to sensible bits.

A poet’s morality rests only in vision, best captured in autumn–Especially in a day as this, where the enduring sum parts overcast skies. We all play a part in this; the warm color of fallen leaves–Dead, but never forgotten for the deeds they did.

I would contribute to your lasting through the winter, a warmth to conduct the light of day into nourishing energy. I maintain an abundant reservoir for refills on a day-to-day basis. The conditions only demand consent-based mutual aide.

There are plenty of warmer souls than I roaming about; I have met and befriended them. But i assure few others have the endurance of relentless understanding. I care not how low you go or how high you get–I am concerned only with what a great might can expel and transmit–That is it, i swear.

I know not which words to spell that convey the initial impression, but i hope the concepts here transcend what is written to give a glimpse of a higher image!

Spring brings all that is rejuvenation after the hibernation of winter, but even this time of autumn i can see spring in your eyes. Let me explain: If morality is based on what senses capture, then there is a possibility you are heaven, not to be confused with an eternal Christian kingdom, but a moment or person in reality that brings eternal happiness. Rescue me from the mundane, the treacherous bleak my life has become.

Your eyes spell out life as seen by those enchanted with real beauty, a passion untouchable by most. And you shine, the fibers of your being. That is no coincidence to me.


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