October 9, 2008

It moves so unlike most;
The best of jest,
A tyranny that reeks of unjust disgust.
It revels and reveals in majesty,
A crown on the brow delegating slaving roles untold–
Even unseen!
How we have been deceived!
The swells in heart are the fault of masculine perversity.

There are certain roles and
Traits placed in unsustainable ways–
The surest of signs is decay and
Is most unsuitable for the act of growth.
The mines do not burst only when stepped upon,
But when brushed by thought–
Memory erupts, and triggers horrific scenes:

Pervasive struck
Ignites a luck of disgust.
It tells of foreign armistices-
A struggle for life.
The streets of civilized Earth
Are paved with blood-
And how stained my hands are,
As well as my comrade’s worth.

There is no God to spell out
Any sense of punishment-
The sea of fate has predetermined currents,
But it is we that choose the course!
As always,
Circumstance will play a shifty hand.

Pirates will always cheat,
But at least for my sake
Circumstance is not the only bohemian here!
And our hands rest naught,
For the desired path always veers,
And off course lives tangle-
Either work together
Or move on past-
One way or another
Lower decks will taste saltwater
And reef to sand will spill the hull’s flesh.

This time will come to all who travel-
All who amount to their sense of something.


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