October 3, 2008

On this day I lack the words for controversy, and instead still spill words along the lines of desperation. What the night holds is yet unseen, but an unnerving optimism somehow sets in. Smile wide for this could be the night of wonders i crave so greatly.


Luminescent vision of lines,
Swirling as the fallen leaves of Autumn.
Strewn about,
The noose is tightly around,
Wrapped above the clavicle.
One fleeting chance of escape
Waiting for the only opportunity-
Presentation is as crucial
As the patter of falling rain-
Delicate, precise, pattering sensation of
Solitude, secreting swells of moisture
Upon. Once upon.
Twice upon.
Seemingly infinite until the
Sweltering Swiftly passes-
And the Luna will knock the noose
Down several notches.
With feet planted firmly on the trap,
One slip and neck break commences.
But wait!
The cord has absorbed the moisture-
Twirl the legs to be released at once!
The soothing precipitation passes and drying commences.


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