September 20, 2008

Fissures divide the blushed cheeks of pavement,
Spotted inconsistencies individualizing
Each individual–
But still sharing similar circumstance
And certain fates.
Compassion is not received
But always welcome to such hearts,
Thumping to stale-monotonous deaths.
Weathering wears down their faces,
Unseen day-to-day,
But vividly apparent
In the long run they become!

Rimbaud sat beauty on his knees,
But these souls have no limps to grasp;
Trapped in space,
Only to be walked over for being embedded
With the ground as one.

Characterize plights into fathomless expedients,
Make them uninterpretable to other minds;
Ritualize flight into meager daily life–
The tasks–
Meaningless fodder for all!
Seethe the stress in the most inefficient ways,
As to boil over and explode–
combustion resorts to a lack of consumption–
Certain death.


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