September 16, 2008

Love transformed to bitter contempt in the matter of days. it has now taken thirteen months to only display contempt with the best of intentions. Very little has felt real to me since then. No. Things have just been stale, trapped in stagnant repugnance.


A cool fall breeze, as cool and as brisk as a young lover’s kiss–And this sun as warm as the flesh. How desire now brims over these edges, leaving me to swell and to bask in sensuous despair. Lingering still in memory, the patterns of familiar flesh attract like unspeakable dreams. Paper and ink through pen will never be enough to console this wretched heart. Passive whim stems from shy and deep roots, but the breeze continues to tease my limbs through never-ending pride.

Shapes and figures here in academia distort to construct contour lines i crave–Nourishment is what this body needs! Bashful is a failing delirium being overcome now with a consensual-assertive will of unseen prowess form this body. With that, determination blinds when compassion is forgotten, but as forgetful as i can be at times, i still see all laid before this path; it is just rotten and more often than not, difficult to react. And it helps not at all with these peripherals constantly fogged!

I cast a shadow, hardly visible in this time, seeking recognition i hardly deserve. I utter words unworthy of hearing, and i resemble concepts of only blasphemy. The original sin is transformed to resemble my passionate defeat!


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