August 11, 2008

The time of Orion-rise nears, and there are promises about i fear cannot be kept. Despite these clear days and amid such vague nights, she often fills the thoughts of my mind, swirling about my skull in more intense ways. That love of my life may never pervade this mind, but i wonder, perhaps, that it does not have to be such a gruesome memory. Those times were filled with a yet to be matched joy. Yet, i wish to be alone.

The newest chapter of this life has been clearly marked with my departure on the 9th of May. It has only really been three months, yet the impact has been substantial. I know not where this will go from this point. I feel as if i am in pieces, and how i place them together while i am staying home will determine things i cannot even yet fathom! Joy will need to be obtained in new ways.

Inspiration leaks down into view from familiar sources, but my view, i fear, has become quite stale with recent familiarity. But there are sources i feel have only begun to emit energy; sources that remain nearly untapped and seem to be pouring of copious potential. There, inspiration beyond recognition fuels my days.

Rest dear friend, your time awaits.


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