June 18, 2008

I await an awakening! This ego has tired long ago of such everlasting slumber! The momentum building here is growing restless to discomforting limits. Tedious? Not. Overwhelmingly frustrating at most times, but not without reason or purpose. Everything is quite lucid, but I seem unable to react to anything–At all, ever. Stale, that is what all sensation has grown to, until hours ago–Over a dozen as of now. I have finally seen and conceptualized why this shell is reaching the breaking point. Incubation has very little in store for this body’s soul.


Mature. Reaching limits.
Dream, of something beyond.
Grow. Exceed all limitations.
Seek. Discover fabrications,
Admire or destroy the seams-
Re-order. Fit any desired purpose.

The mediums at disposal are infinate.
Disposal? No; Resourceful.
Create discreet amounts of waste.
Displace all intentions that get in the way.
Meaningless ambitions are to be tossed,
Let them dissipate and accept no loss.

Gains. Meant for further insightful gloss-
A protecting layer dispatched from the heart.
A moss,
Grow always facing North.
Direct and guide in unheard of ways.
Although, silence can be just as effective
If given the chance to-

Relay, A sacred message,
Meant to convey all the best of intentions-
Maintaining sensation,
But keeping it from view-
Depending on the blightful sight
Of those who know not what to seek.
Keep a secret. Shush.
Resolve will meet all that is saught.


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